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Diamond Springs Ca 95619

American Throwback features apparel that celebrates the nostalgia from our childhoods and for the history of America.  Sometimes with a little satire thrown in.


Origin Story

My name is Matt Bird and American Throwback is my brain child. That's why I needed a lot of help from friends, family, and God above.  They say to always work your passion but that never made much sense to me.  My interests always seemed scattered and not very marketable. Then one night in 2014, on vacation in Monterey Ca., it hit me.  Maybe my passion for things like WWII,  American History, family values, video games, the direction our country is taking, movies, and more was shared by other people like me.   People who look at the world like I do and want to express that in what they wear and buy.  One problem, I lack art skill.  In answer to our prayers long time friend Lisa Burvant answered the call. It may be my ideas but its Lisa's talent on display at American Throwback.

American Throwback is based in the small town of Placerville Ca. located between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.